Fotexnet LLC.


In 2000 Fotexnet LLC was founded by FOTEX Ltd and its subsidiaries. The company was established with a registered capital of HUF 160 million in order to open new internet based sales channels for the Fotex Group's retail companies.

The Fotexnet Department store was first opened in September of 2000 and was one of the first such endeavours in Hungary at the time. With its wide range of products the company very soon became a market leader and the most visited trading web site in the country, retaining this position for more than one decade.

Retail-trading and e-business solutions offered by Fotexnet LLC are based on a special software system, which is developed in house and is accessible through a user friendly administration surface. The e-solutions offered by the company comprise the following: to continuously develop the online retail-trading software, to offer secure and technically prepared back-office functions, and to assist in the planning and execution of custom tailor-made online solutions as well as e-trading consultancy. The experiences gained through the development and continuous operation of this website was used to prepare the company to launch new services in the near future.

In the spring of 2004 the company started its online market research and survey service, operating under the name Fotexnet Research. This unique online research panel is located in Hungary, and through its use partners are able to gauge accurate, reliable information about the opinions, attitudes and preferences of Hungarian internet users. Until 2009 Fotexnet Research has completed more than 500 surveys, and was thereby the largest local online research service.

In the fall of 2004 Fotexnet LLC started Hungary's first, online DVD rental service, based on a fixed monthly fee and aptly named the service was bought by Ltd.

The website, as well as the operational and logistical software were all developed by Fotexnet LLC. The Fotexnet Department Store due to its turnover and popularity with visitors, went through an enormous trading expansion in 2005. Fotexnet LLC currently not only serves the Fotex Group's subsidiaries, but also ensures e-trading solutions for more than 60 external partners, among which we can find world famous brand name companies such as: T-Mobile, Telenor, JVC or Xerox. The advantage of the commercial solutions offered by the company are the ability to create the opportunity for all kind of companies to start their e-business simply and rapidly for low cost.

The company expanded its existing portfolio by starting Sugár Cinemas, the first completely offline service for the company in March of 2007, which since it's inception has become the most attended movie theater within Budapest. Based on the inital succes of the movie theatre the company has continued to widen it's entertainment profile by opening a 10 lane bowling and entertainment centre in the December of 2008.

The company has expanded its activities with operating and selling spots on media surfaces since 2007. The company sales offers include the biggest surface and the highest resoultion outdoor LED screen at Sugár Shopping Center.

The latest development - also at Sugár Shopping Center - is Sugár Játszóház, that makes the entertainment unit a whole for the family, opened up in 2010.

In March of 2011 Fotexnet LLC started the mulitple-MIDEM-rewarded Hungaroton Music Store where visitors can find, purchase and load their favourite tracks and albums without any subscription fee.

Fotexnet LLC is also a member of Information Technology Enterprises Association and has received several professional awards. In 2007 in Hannover Fotexnet LLC won the Eurpean Seal of E-Excellence business mastery award, in 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2009 the company was honoured in some categories such as eFestival, eService and eBusiness.